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The Empowered Woman: The Ultimate Roadmap to Business Success

Is There a Path to Empowerment? Yes!

Any woman can find the path to empowerment. Marta Spirk provides a five-step roadmap for success in life and business on the Empowered Woman Path. By taking the time to notice, listen, and forgive, those on the path find that empowering themselves really means embracing all that they are and reaching new levels of self-acceptance to become the most authentic versions of themselves. This is the path to happiness and fulfillment, and it is nothing short of transformation!

​Are you ready to step on the path to empowerment?

Become The Empowered Woman


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My Thoughts:

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine asked me if I knew what my enneagram number was. I had never heard of it! She guided me to the website she used so I could discover my own. Not only does it help you to understand the way your personality works, but it also helps open doors for you to improve in weaker areas. Marta Spirk takes her knowledge of the enneagram and puts it to work FOR you.

This isn't a read and it's fixed kind of self-help book, but one that actually dives into a step-by-step method to help you open doors on a personal and professional level. As a small business owner, this is a resourceful book that you're going to want to refer to time and time again. I've read through several parts several times and with each reading, I pick up something new that I can apply. This is definitely a book I'll be using as a go-to for my business personality needs!

I received a complimentary copy for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Meet the Author:

Born and raised in Brazil to an entrepreneur dad and a pastor mom, Marta Spirk demonstrated an interest for the English language and American culture very early on and began teaching English at fourteen.

She went on to get bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English, became a certified court interpreter, and married an American she met at a church conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

After the surprise and blessing of triplets in 2016, Marta found a passion for encouraging and empowering women as she learned to encourage and empower herself through the challenges of adult (and triplet) life.

In 2020, her dream of becoming a US Citizen finally came true, and her coaching business grew exponentially. She now serves thousands of entrepreneurs, helping them to stop spinning their wheels by trying random personal development resources and finally learn to boost confidence and grow their business by looking at their most valuable resource: themselves!

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Mari Zuniga
Mari Zuniga
Jan 25, 2023

The book sounds fantastic!!

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