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I'm Not Weird, I Have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) | Chynna T. Laird

Guest book review by Carly Louise Wilson

‘I’m not weird, I have SPD’ is a multi-purposeful book and guide by Chynna T.Laird. This book is ideal for children and adults who would like to know more about the condition, understand specifically what it is and how it impacts the sufferer. This book also holds a wealth of knowledge and tips for readers to reference. The book is educational on so many levels, I had never heard of SPD, but this book was a good way of understanding it from not only the perspective of the sufferer but also their relatives, and those around them. The book is beautifully illustrated with easy, readable prose and it broke down the sufferer’s condition, how it made them feel and the steps taken to help find a way of coping with it. It was a quick read, but impactful. I thoroughly recommend this book for those who perhaps have been diagnosed with the condition, or know someone with it. It has some great factual information towards the end of the book and useful websites for anyone needing any extra guidance and advise. It's always important to highlight and normalize conditions such as SPD, and having more resources and books to reference help stamp out some of the stigma and misunderstandings. A great read for a mixed audience.

5 Stars

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